Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tight night tonite at Swanfield

Yes Natalie is having a little party at Swanfield, Kingly Court, to celebrate her collection of sugar cute hand printed tights. If you fancy a date with 'Prints Charming', scuttle your feet over to the Swanfield Boutique just off Carnaby Street for an evening of
"ooo-ing" and cooing over delightful treats.

Swanfield 1.2 Kingly Court, London W1
Tuesday 15th Dec 6pm-9pm

The designs creep and tickle up the back of the calf, reminiscent of burlesque seamed stockings that make even the sternest of men quiver. 'Yes Natalie' makes ankles look as naughty as they did for the Victorians. Luckily for modern day femmes, knee flashing isn't considered a moral assault and adorning winter legs is a delight with such things
as these hanging around in your hosiery drawer.

At £13.50 a pair, they could make a sweet stocking filler for a sweet lady.
Or perhaps a warm muff might tickle your fancy?

'Yes Natalie' also creates faux fur, velvet lined hand warmers too. These are priced from £20 and dangle around the neck on ribbon or chain.


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  1. Ooo. Do you have any photos of the faux fur muffs? Thanks!