Monday, 10 August 2009

Band of Gypsys

Yesterday I got out my sketch book which has been white paper sheets in wanting for sometime now and this is what happened…

A hint of what is to come from the travelling troupe of designers known as the swan collective, myself, Cissi, Lily and a gaggle of our friends who make things - be it art, music, cupcakes or fashion.

In breaking in my pencil, I am now also breaking my blog silence to tell you we have taken Swanfield on the road, from 2b swanfield st east London to 3 Lowndes Court in Soho, W1, a shopping destination known as the Newburgh Quarter. Sundays once dubbed swandays are now a day of rest & you can find us playing shop 6 days a week in wild west town to scare away the brambles with our pop shop of tricks.

Monday to Saturday: 11- 7pm,
Thursdays – Late night shopping until 9pm, and live performances.

...but don’t be surprised if you find us still floating about after hours. Sometimes we find it hard to leave the nest. Hope you join us soon for a visit!


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