Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sophie Eleanor Turner

Before we introduce a new artist to the swan circle, we wish to tell you about the work of Sophie Eleanor Turner.

An avid vintage collector, she has sold her treasures at Liberty of London, the thursday Antique Markets at Spitalfields ( one of my most favourite yet most dangerous shopping destinations ) and some of her hair entwined lockets and jewels can be found in the most curious of shops, The Last Tuesday Society in East London. Also art directing at Curious Science, she has a healthy obsession with macabre yet beautiful things and her victorian sensibility is evident in the work she created to show at Swanfield on Tour.

Tying in with the entangled hair drawings by Conny Prantera at our Hoxton Street space, Sophie crafted a birds nest and built it into the red locks of her model with other preserved flights of fancy; butterflies and dragonflies. The nest was then safely kept in an antique glass dome and displayed by her photograph. We tip our hat to her... x

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