Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Me at a party x

Serafina Steer is a london based harpist, pianist and singer-songwriter. She is also my neighbour, and at times the wind will carry the sound of her playing down the street. Her latest album release dubbed ‘Change is good change is good’ is a beautiful record, and Jarvis Cocker rates it as one of his favourite albums of the year thus far. Not too tall an order from the lovely songstress who mixes sweet pagan vocals with electronica, harp with keys, romanticism with humour. One song that makes me laugh is 'how to haunt a house party' where she sings 'I'm so ambient you'd walk past me at a party, me at a party'... but not so tomorrow eve. Not a stranger to the Swanfield stage, we are very happy to welcome her back for the grand opening night of 'Swanfield on Tour', July 15th.

Yes that is tomorrow! Take it away Sefa x

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