Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fanny Bostrom... Lullaby Bye Bye

Lullaby bye bye
Recent works on paper

Fanny Boström (born 1979) is a self-taught painter based in Brooklyn, New York.
Over the last couple of years, she has participated in several exhibitions and
art fairs all around the US, and in 2008 she debuted as a solo artist at New
York gallery 31GRAND. For the exhibition, works of embroidery and collage,
gigantic paintings, and textile tents created a strange kind of universe, filled
with busy little figures.

This series of fleeting dreamlike water color studies where made this year
alongside Bostrom’s 2nd solo show “Last day at the Circus”, in her native capital Stockholm.
Here we where confronted by obscure, sometimes frightening milieus. White
horses, an evil ballerina, a seaman, newly born animals - they all seem un-
knowing of the frailty of their surroundings. The characters are drawn from
past times’ variety theatres, figures that existed beyond reality. Boström’s
inspiration comes from fairytales such as the worlds of Hans Christian Ander-
sen and the brothers Grimm, but in her versions, happy endings are absent.
Instead, she has created an atmosphere that rather recalls the mood of Da-
vid Lynch’s work; a setting where space and time disappears, and where every
dark scene glitters like the point of a knife at night, charged with symbolicism.


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